Nova Biomedical- Hospital Based Blood Gas and Critical Care Analyzers
A Fast, Simple, Capillary Blood Analyser
Tests include HbA1c, lipids, glucose, creatinine, urine albumin
and urine creatinine

Not yet available in the US or Canada.

Nova Biomedical- Hospital Based Blood Gas and Critical Care Analyzers
• All blood tests use a capillary fingerstick sample
• Immediate test results during the patient visit
• Reduces patient follow-up visits and costs

Not yet available in the US or Canada.

A Fast, Simple, Capillary Blood Analyser

Allegro is a compact, point-of-care (POC) analyser that features a clinically important menu of 8 measured and individually selectable tests, plus 6 calculated tests. All tests are measured with disposable, ready-to-use cartridges or test strips, and are easily performed by non-technical personnel.

Capillary fingerstick sampling for all blood tests eliminates the need for venipunctures and a trained phlebotomist. Allegro’s
6-to-9.5 minute cartridge test times and ability to measure 2 cartridges simultaneously provide rapid results. Having results available during the patient visit–not after–makes the patient/clinician meeting more effective; reduces office calls, letters, and follow-up visits; and improves patient compliance with care recommendations.

A comprehensive test menu for monitoring glycaemic control and diabetes risk factors

Allegro provides a comprehensive test menu to monitor the effectiveness of glycaemic control, assess the risk or progression of diabetes complications, and make therapeutic adjustments for patients.

Glycaemic Control Kidney Function Lipids/Cardiac Risk
HbA1c Blood Creatinine Total Cholesterol
Glucose eGFR HDL Cholesterol
Estimated avg. Glu Urine Creatinine Cholesterol/HDL Ratio
  Urine Albumin Non-HDL Cholesterol
  Albumin/Creatinine Ratio LDL Cholesterol


All blood tests performed with capillary fingerstick samples

Capillary sampling is easily performed by staff members, eliminating the need for venipunctures, trained phlebotomists, and blood drawing tubes and needles. Allegro’s small blood samples make capillary testing virtually painless for the patient.

Tests Available from Capillary
Fingerstick Samples
Tests Available from
Urine Samples
HbA1c Urine Creatinine
Lipids Panel Urine Albumin
Blood Glucose Albumin/Creatinine Ratio
Blood Creatinine  


Cartridge tests

HbA1c 6-Minute Assay
Measures: HbA1c
Calculates: estimated average glucose
Sample Volume: 1.5 μL capillary blood

Urine Albumin/Creatinine 6.5-Minute Assay
Measures: urine albumin and urine creatinine
Calculates: albumin/creatinine ratio
Sample Volume: 25 μL urine

Lipids 9.5-Minute Assay
Measures: total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides
Calculates: LDL cholesterol, non-HDL cholesterol,
cholesterol/HDL ratio
Sample Volume: 5 μL capillary blood



Easy-to-use analyser

Simple Testing Procedure
Allegro’s simple testing procedures are easily performed in minutes. An onboard barcode scanner eliminates manual entry of patient ID and cartridge test assay information. Allegro’s automation allows the user to perform other clinic-related duties while the sample is analysed. When analysis is completed, the results are automatically printed and stored in the Allegro database and transmitted to the electronic medical record (EMR) for clinician viewing.

Scan cartridge

Perform fingerstick

Remove capillary sampler

Touch sampler to blood drop

Replace capillary sampler

Insert cartridge and press "Analyze"

Meter and Strip Testing Steps

Insert test strip

Perform fingerstick

Touch strip to blood drop

Connects to electronic medical records

Results are instantly transmitted to the EMR by industry standard HL7 and POCT1A-2 interfacing for clinician retrieval. Results and trend data are also stored on the analyser and can be accessed immediately from the Allegro database.

Results Printout

Allegro transmits patient results to the medical records system and also produces an
immediate printout.

Patient Trend Report

Allegro provides on-screen and printed trend reports for patient values.
The last 9 results for the patient are presented as a trend graph.

Onboard Storage of Patient Results

Allegro stores a virtually unlimited number of patient results on board the analyser. These results can be recalled from the Allegro database for review, printing, or transmitting to an EMR.



Point-of-care testing saves time and reduces costs

Simplifies Workflow

Testing for HbA1c, glucose, lipids, and kidney function is commonly required for people with diabetes during primary care visits. Allegro’s test menu and capillary blood sampling allows clinicians to have these tests available during the patient visit. This eliminates numerous follow-up calls and visits and creates significant cost savings.
• Eliminates the need for follow-up patient contact with blood test results.
• Eliminates scheduling and conducting another visit if theresults indicate a need for therapy changes.
• Eliminates follow up with non-compliant patients who do not obtain their laboratory blood tests.

Reduces Costs

Re-contacting patients with blood test results and rescheduling another visit creates significant work for a primary care clinic.


Allegro Specifications

Physical Specifications:
Width: 20.32 cm (8 in)
Height: 35.6 cm (14in)
Depth: 38.1 cm (15in)
Weight: 10.43 kg (23lb)

Electrical Power Requirements:
90-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz

ASTM Protocol, via serial RS232 TCP/IP, POCT1-A2, HL7

Built-in thermal

FDA Labeling:
For in-vitro diagnostic use, pending FDA clearance

CE Marked









StatStrip A Meter Specifications

Test Menu: Methodology:
Glucose Electrochemistry
Blood Creatinine Electrochemistry

Measurement Ranges:

Glucose 0.5 - 33.3 mmol/L
(10 - 600 mg/dL)
Blood Creatinine 27 - 1056 μmol/L
(0.3 - 12.0 mg/dL)

Calculated Tests:

Estimated glomerular filtration rate

Sample Sizes:
Glucose Test Strip 1.2 μL
Creatinine Test Strip 1.2 μL

Sample Time:

Glucose 6 sec
Creatinine 30 sec

Physical Specifications:

Weight: 220 g (0.49 lb)
Size: 147 mm x 79 mm x 30 mm
(5.8 in x 3.1 in x 1.18 in)

Meter Data Storage:
Patient Tests 1,000 Tests
QC Tests 200 Tests
Users 4,000 Users


Data Output: RJ-45 Ethernet Port
Protocol: TCP/IP Ethernet 100 Mbit
Standard: POCT1-A2 Compliant