If You Are Not Using Nova’s Glucose StatStrip, You Are Misdosing Dependent Patients Who Have Abnormal Hematocrits

Posted February 8th, 2012.

According to a recent published study1 by the Mayo Clinic, only Nova’s StatStrip continued to give accurate glucose results as patient hematocrits varied from 20% – 65%.

Hematocrit related errors of 20% to nearly 50% were reported on every glucose meter system tested except for Nova’s StatStrip.
Booklet of 23 Evaluations
Hematocrit Chart
Hematocrit Chart
Hematocrit Chart

a) Mean glucose difference (meter glucose minus reference glucose) and (b) and (c) mean glucose percent difference[(meter glucose minus reference glucose)/reference glucose x 100)] as a function of hematocrit at glucose concentrations of (a) 54 mg/dL, (b) 247 mg/dL, and (c) 483 mg/dL. Each point represents the mean ± standard deviation of the mean glucose difference or mean glucose percent difference (n=6).

1. Karon BS et al (Mayo Clinic) Evaluation of the Impact of Hematocrit and Other Interference on the Accuracy of Hospital Based Glucose Meters. Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics, April 2008