Nova Biomedical- Hospital Based Blood Gas and Critical Care Analyzers

Critical Care Analyzer
Simplified Veterinary Critical Care Testing
Not available in the US and Canada
Nova Biomedical- Hospital Based Blood Gas and Critical Care Analyzers

New Technologies Simplify Use,
Eliminate Maintenance, and Add New Tests
Maintenance-free MicroSensor Card™ technology
Most comprehensive critical care menu
PO2, PCO2, pH, Hct, Na, Cl, K, TCO2, iCa, iMg, Glu, Creat, Urea, Lac, SO2%, O2Hb, COHb, MetHb, HHb, tBil, HbF, tHb

New Technologies Simplify Use, Eliminate Maintenance, and Add New Tests

Stat Profile Prime Plus VET is a comprehensive, whole blood critical care analyzer that combines blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, co-oximetry, and 32 calculated results in a simple, compact analyzer. Prime Plus VET combines maintenance-free, replaceable cartridge technology for sensors and reagents with patented, new, maintenance-free, and non-lysing whole blood co-oximetry technology. Prime Plus VET results are produced very rapidly, a complete test menu panel in about one minute, and are combined with bidirectional connectivity and a powerful onboard data management system.

Nova MicroSensor Card™ Technology

Most comprehensive critical care menu

PO2, PCO2, pH, Hct, tHb, Na, Cl, K, iCa, iMg, TCO2, Urea, Creat, Glu, Lac, SO2%, O2Hb, COHb, MetHb, HHb, tBil, HbF
• All Prime Plus VET biosensors use proven Nova technology in a miniaturized, maintenance-free sensor card format.
• Nova's MicroSensor cards combine all 22 whole blood assays including co-oximetry.

Important New Assays

Urea (BUN) and Creatinine
Kidney disease is common in cats and dogs. Prime Plus VET is the only veterinary critical care analyzer that provides the option of urea (BUN) and creatinine as well as calculated BUN/creatinine ratio.

Ionized magnesium (iMg)
Disruptions in the balance of iMg, Na, K, and iCa are common in veterinary medicine and can cause cardiac arrhythmias, reduced cardiac contraction, and cardiac arrest. Prime Plus VET is the only blood gas analyzer to provide a comprehensive profile of electrolytes including iMg.

Fast Stat Results

Prime Plus VET’s exceptional throughput easily handles the high sample workload of a busy practice. Prime Plus VET delivers a 22-test critical care profile in about one minute. Competitor analyzers can require up to four minutes, even with fewer tests reported.

Clot Protection

Prime Plus VET’s unique Clot Block® sample flow path protects MicroSensor cards from blood clot blockages.

Individual Sensors and Calibrators Maximize Uptime

Individual MicroSensor cards and calibrator cartridges offer a significant benefit in analyzer uptime compared to combined sensor/calibrator cartridge systems.

MicroSensor cards have fastest replacement time
MicroSensor cards can be replaced and calibrated in 45 minutes. Other combined systems usually take greater than one hour to calibrate and remain unstable with drift and frequent re-calibrations for two hours or longer.

Calibrator cartridges replaced in seconds
Calibrator and quality control (QC) cartridges are immediately ready to use and easily replaced in seconds. Replacing only a calibrator cartridge significantly reduces analyzer downtime because it has no warm-up time, compared to the over two-hour wait for competitors’ combined systems.

Individual Sensors and Calibrators Lower Costs

Individual MicroSensor cards and calibrator cartridges are a low cost alternative to the inflexibility and waste of combined sensor/calibrator cartridge systems. For example, an analyzer in a high workload setting requires fewer sensor cards than calibrators, and a low volume workload setting requires the reverse. In both cases, Prime Plus VET eliminates waste and reduces overall consumable costs by using the full life of each MicroSensor card and calibrator cartridge.

Automated, True Liquid QC

Saves time and labor
Maintaining QC is one of the most time consuming aspects of critical care testing. Prime Plus VET’s fully automated, onboard liquid QC saves hours of time each week, compared to manually running controls.

Simple, Fast Operation

10.1 inch wide, high definition, color touchscreen operation
The large color touchscreen is easy to read and operate with intuitive prompts.


Three simple steps to initiate a full 22-test profile

1. Press

2. Scan or enter patient ID

3. Press


Integrated barcode scanner

An optional, integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner, conveniently located within the sample port, eliminates the need for external handheld scanners and allows for fast, error-free entry of operator and patient IDs.

Safe Operation

The unique design of the safety sample port protects the user from accidental contact with the analyzer probe.

Syringes can be docked and sampled with hands-free operation.

Hands-free capillary sampling can be performed without adapters.

Samples can be aspirated directly from tubes, eliminating sample
transfer to a syringe or capillary.

QC proficiency ampoules can be sampled without adapters.







Critical Care Test Menu Methodology
pH Direct ISE
PCO2 Severinghaus
PO2 Amperometric
SO2% Optical, reflectance
Hematocrit Conductivity/Na+ correction
Na+ Direct ISE
K+ Direct ISE
Cl- Direct ISE
TCO2 Calculated
Ca++ Direct ISE
Mg++ Direct ISE
Glucose Enzyme/Amperometric
Lactate Enzyme/Amperometric
Urea (BUN) Enzyme/Amperometric
Creatinine Enzyme/Amperometric

CO-Oximetry Tests  
HHb, deoxyhemoglobin O2Hb, oxyhemoglobin
MetHb, methemoglobin COHb, carboxyhemoglobin
tHb, total hemoglobin SO2%, oxygen saturation
tBil, total bilirubin HbF, fetal hemoglobin


Other Nova Veterinary Products

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Blood Gas/Electrolyte/
Metabolite Model

pH, PCO2, PO2, Hct, Na,
K, Cl, iCa, Glu, Lac

Prime VET Electrolyte System
Comprehensive Electrolyte Model*
Na, K, Cl, iCa, iMg

Nova VET Meter
Test Menu: Glucose, Ketone
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Test Menu: Creatinine, eGFR

StatStrip Lactate Meter
Test Menu: Lactate


Other Features
Full color 10.1-inch touchscreen, multilingual, QC statistics, onboard data management, automatic sampler, integrated capillary adapter, optional barcode scanner, QC data storage, optional mobile cart with UPS

Sample Volume
135 μL whole blood

Operating Temperature Range

Physical Specifications

Height: 18.2 in (45.7 cm) Width: 14.2 in (35.6 cm)
Depth: 15.5 in (39.1 cm) Weight: 35 lb (15.88 kg) without reagent pack

Electrical Power Requirement
< 90 Watts

Onboard thermal printer and configurable to most Windows based printers

Fully automatic two-point calibration every 2 hours; user-selectable single-point calibration every 45 minutes or with each sample. Manual calibration initiated at any time.

Acceptable Samples
Whole blood (heparinized), arterial, venous, mixed venous, capillary, dialysate

Communication Protocols
ASTM, HL7, or POCT1-A2 connectivity formats

Compact Size

Dimensions for Prime Plus VET, including onboard co-oximetry and built-in bidirectional connectivity: