Stat Profile Prime® Electrolyte Analyzer

Exceptional Simplicity in a New Generation
Electrolyte Analyzer

Introducing a new generation electrolyte analyzer that combines the revolutionary microelectronics of the consumer world with new microsensor technology for a simpler, smaller, faster, and less expensive analyzer.

Maintenance-free cartridge system

Nova’s unique cartridge system consists of a maintenance-free MicroSensor Card™ that contains all sensors in a miniaturized sensor card format, and a ready-to-use, snap-in calibrator cartridge that contains all reagents.

Available electrolyte profiles:

  • Na, K, Cl, iCa, iMg
  • Accepts whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, CSF, and dialysate. (Dialysate not for in-vitro diagnostic use)
  • 1-minute stat testing
  • Optional 10-position autosampler

Maximum analyzer readiness and uptime

Always calibrated and ready
The MicroSensor Card is automatically calibrated throughout its 32-day use life and is always ready to deliver an electrolyte profile in just one minute. Individual cartridges offer a significant benefit in analyzer uptime compared to combined sensor/calibrator cartridge systems.

Clot Block™ protection

A unique Clot Block sample flow path is designed to protect sensor cartridges from downtime and maintenance that can result from the introduction of a clotted sample.

Safe, maintenance-free waste system

Biohazardous waste is self-contained within the calibrator cartridge, eliminating waste disposal maintenance and potential exposure.

True, liquid quality control (QC)

In the United States, federal government regulations (CLIA) are phasing out electronic equivalent quality control (EQC) and are requiring true, liquid-based quality control QC. Stat Profile Prime combines both true liquid QC and continuous electronic self-monitoring to ensure lab accuracy and uncompromised quality.

QC prompting and QC lockout

Stat Profile Prime provides an onscreen reminder of your customized QC schedule. Out-of-range QC results are automatically flagged and an optional QC lockout feature prevents reporting of patient results when QC is out of range.

Levey Jennings charts and QC statistics

Levey-Jennings charts along with cumulative mean and CVs are automatically calculated for each analyte and displayed on screen.

Safe, easy sampling from syringes, capillaries, tubes, and cups

A unique safety sample port protects the user from accidental contact with the sample probe and is easily accessed for all sample containers.
Syringes can be docked and sampled with
hands-free operation.
Samples can be aspirated directly from tubes,
eliminating sample transfer to a syringe or capillary.
Hands-free capillary sampling can be performed
without adapters.
A 10-position sample tray accomodates serum,
plasma, urine, and dialysate samples.

Compact size

Stat Profile Prime’s 12-in footprint occupies minimal bench space. It is so compact it can also be located on a mobile cart for testing in many locations.

Onboard printer

Patient and QC results can be printed automatically or on demand. The printout also displays normal ranges for each test and flags results that exceed normal range.

Plug-and-play connectivity to LIS/HIS

Stat Profile Prime easily connects to laboratory information systems and hospital information systems via industry standard, unidirectional POCT1-A2 communication format or ASTM format.

Simple, fast operation

Easy-to-use, high definition, color touchscreen operation

The touchscreen is easily operated through the use of simple and intuitive prompts and requires minimal training.

Three simple steps

1. Press “Start” 2. Scan or enter patient ID 3. Press “Aspirate”

Optional, integrated barcode scanner

Stat electrolyte results in one minute

Whole blood, serum, or plasma stats are available in just one minute. Whole blood stats can be aspirated directly from syringes, capillaries, or tubes, saving time and sample transfer steps.

MicroSensor technology

All Stat Profile Prime tests use proven Nova technology in miniaturized, sensor card format.

Complete electrolyte profile

Sodium, potassium, ionized calcium, ionized magnesium, and chloride are all required to maintain normal cardiac function. Disruptions in the balance of any of these electrolytes can cause cardiac arrhythmias, reduced cardiac contraction, and complete cardiac arrest. Stat Profile Prime is the only electrolyte system to provide a full assessment of electrolyte balance.